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Accessing Fort Leonard Wood

The 2024 Protection and Maneuver Support Industry Expo is being held at Nutter Field House on Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
As of June 2023, Fort Leonard Wood has new access requirements.
Please plan accordingly to make sure you are prepared.


Beginning 1 June 2023, Fort Leonard Wood will no longer accept, for access purposes, state-issued driver licenses (DL) or state-issued IDs that do not meet the Real ID Act of 2005 standards.  Person(s) requesting access with a non-compliant state DL or ID will need to present, along with the non-compliant DL/ID, one of the documents below to prove identity to be issued a pass or given access to Fort Leonard Wood.
Visitor(s) requesting access without a REAL ID Act compliant form of identification or cannot provide supplemental identity proofing documents as listed above are subject to denial of access. All persons requesting unescorted access will continue to be vetted through the National Crime Information Center prior to being issued an installation pass.
Digital driver’s licenses or identifications are not accepted and cannot be used as a form of identification for the purpose of identity vetting to gain escorted or unescorted access to Army Installations.
Driver’s licenses and Identification cards presented for gaining access to Army Installations must be a valid State-issued physical document/card.

Stay up to date on the most recent information to access Fort Leonard Wood.