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There are a few airports close to Fort Leonard Wood that attendees can fly into.
St Robert Missouri airport sign.

Waynesville – St Robert Regional Airport. (TBN)

The Waynesville-Saint Robert Regional Airport is a small airline that offers flights onto Fort Leonard with their partner Contour Airlines, with daily flights in and out of post from Nashville and Dallas with their partner airlines Contour Airlines.

Notice: This airport is located on Fort Leonard Wood. Please see the most up-to-date access requirements before booking a flight to this airport. 

A picture of one of the terminals at the St. Louis airport in St. Louis Missouri.

St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL)

The St. Louis Lambert International Airport is located in St. Louis, Missouri. It is located about 150 miles northeast of Fort Leonard Wood. Travel time to Fort Leonard Wood from this airport is about 3 hours. 

Springfield Branson National Airport (SFG)

The Springfield-Branson Airport is located just outside Springfield, Missouri. This airport is located about 100 miles southwest of Fort Leonard Wood. There are four airlines that service this airport with flights into and out of the area. Travel time to Fort Leonard Wood is about 1 1/2 hours from this airport.

A photo of the terminal at the Springfield Branson Airport in Springfield Missouri.
A photo inside one of the terminals of the Columbia Regional Airport in Columbia Missouri.

Columbia Regional Airport (COU)

The Columbia Regional Airport is located in Columbia, Missouri, about 90 miles north of Fort Leonard Wood. This regional airport is serviced by American Airlines with daily flights to and from Chicago, Illinois, and Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas. Travel time to Fort Leonard Wood is about 2 hours.

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